Notice of Equitrans

Notice of Equitrans, LP Proposed Abandonment Project

On April 30, 2020, Equitrans, LP filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in Docket No. CP20-312 to abandon gas gathering facilities and services (Project).  You can access these Project related filings at the FERC’s website by visiting  Search for docket number CP20-312 to view all filings associated with the Project.  To submit a comment to FERC regarding the Project you can submit a written letter to the FERC Secretary at: 888 First Street N.E. Washington, DC 20426 (include Docket No. CP20-312).  Comments are also accepted online through the eComment section of the FERC website.

Using a two-step process, Equitrans proposes to abandon gathering facilities in Fayette and Greene Counties, Pennsylvania; and Braxton, Doddridge, Gilmer, Harrison, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, Ritchie, Taylor, Tyler, and Wetzel Counties, West Virginia.  During the pendency of the application and the one-year period following the FERC order approving the abandonment, Equitrans will attempt to abandon the gathering facilities by sale. If a sale is not successful, Equitrans will abandon the gathering facilities in place. Any required National Environmental Policy Act environmental review would be conducted as part of the second step, however minimal land disturbance is anticipated whether the abandonment occurs by sale or in place.  You may contact the Equitrans land department with any questions by calling Samuel Nesbitt at (304) 626-7921 or Equitrans toll free at 1-866-NTRLGAS (687-5427).

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