Notice of Request for Accounting and Legal Services




The Town of Ellenboro wishes to obtain accounting and legal services for the following project:

Town of Ellenboro Wastewater System Improvements Phase 2 Project


The Town is seeking an Accountant, Local Attorney, Bond Counsel, and PSC Attorney.  Separate contracts will be awarded for each. Respondents must have IJDC certification or be able to obtain such.

Accounting services required include the following: preparation of a draft Rule 42 for submittal to the WVIJDC and completing requirements of the Public Service Commission of WV and any general services required to complete the project. Bond Counsel will handle all legal services associated with the issuance of any bonds or other debt instruments.  Local Attorney services will include providing preliminary and final title opinions, deeds and easement documents as required, contract review, and any other general legal services associated with the project.  The PSC attorney will handle all matters related to rate increases and filings with the WV Public Service Commission.

Procurement of these services shall be in conformity with the applicable laws and regulations of the State of West Virginia and any applicable federal agencies. Contract is to be awarded on a lump sum basis.

All firms interested in being considered for this project must submit 6 copies of a brief statement detailing qualifications and a not to exceed fee for services to: Tim Meeks, Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council, 709 Market Street, P.O. Box 247 Parkersburg, WV 26101 by Noon on Monday, July 13th, 2020. Questions regarding this request for proposals should be directed to Tim Meeks at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council (304) 422-4993 Ext. 120. Firms should submit a separate statement of qualifications for each service for which they wish to be considered.

Attention is directed to the fact that the proposed project may be undertaken through the United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Utilities Service, the West Virginia Development Office, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and/or the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council and that all work will be performed in accordance with the regulations issued by these agencies and the State of West Virginia pertaining hereto.

The selected firms will be required to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246, Conflict of Interest Statement, and Access to Records provisions.  Alternative Federal and State funding requirements may also apply.

The Town of Ellenboro will afford full opportunity for minority and women-owned business enterprises as well as HUD Section 3 individuals and enterprises to submit a show of interest in response to the invitation and will not discriminate against any firm or individual on the grounds of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap status or national origin in the contract award.

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